What Does It Really Mean To Be Body Positive?
This interactive and energetic workshop is dedicated to understanding how body positivity can be integrated into your every day; exploring bad body image days, family dynamics, and how to implement tactics in the workplace. 

Body Image, Media, And Representation: How To Retrain Your Brain To See What's Not There
If seeing is believing, then you need to see yourself to believe in yourself. There is a problem. We don’t often see all bodies represented across media; so how does one go forward? In this workshop, we talk about how to find representation in the world and yourself when the landscape seems scarce. 

A Beginner’s Guide To Sex Toys
There are far too many colors, shapes, sizes to pick from when you’re just getting started on your sex toy journey. This workshop is the key to unlocking your pleasure senses with a comprehensive guide to body-safe materials, solo and partner play, and toy purchasing. 

Plus-Size Sex, Representation, And Tips
Despite common tropes about desexualized fat characters and how bigger people are portrayed in the media, people of size have sex too! Like, really really good sex. But it does come with its fair share of complications. In this workshop, we will go over consent, vocab, positions, products, and what myths we need to throw away! 

Laura Delarato's workshops, talks, and panels have been seen at ProjectHEAL, Body Politic NYC, The Brooklyn Sex Expo, Fusion Academy, and The Pleasure Chest.