Do you work in editorial? 
Yes and no. I’m often sent PR emails to my personal account asking if I can write content for Refinery29 — and while I do currently work at R29, I do not work on the editorial team! Always happy to forward a press email to the correct people! I am, however, a freelance writer for a few different outlets outside of my current position at Refinery29! 

What is your current full-time, adult person job? 
I’m a Creative Director on the Creative Direction Team at Refinery29. My job includes but very much not limited to: 

  • creating platforms, video, social, editorial ideas for brands and branded content.

  • finding the best solution for product sponsorship within pricing, brand look (both R29 and the brand), location, and KPI.

  • working in post-sale to create the best package for launch. 

  • client-facing calls and brand presentations.

  • pricing out social and video concepts.

Do you have a blog? 
Nope! I don’t. I have thought about it a lot, but do not have the time it would take to make a full blog for outside consumption. I have my Instagram, and that has so much person story on it that it should basically be a blog!

Do you know how to illustrate?
Yes! I am self-taught and have a specific style to my illustrations. You can find them here

Do you know how to make videos?
Yes! Please see here for a video about a plant love story, a video about body image, a video about grief, and a video about lying

What makes you a great creative? 
Outside of the fact that I’ve been on all sides of production and have a M.A. in Media Studies, I have been very active it making my own content and participating in other passion projects; making me incredibly empathetic to how personal every campaign, social post, talent option, and wording really is. 

You’re naked on the internet. Have you thought about how that will impact your professional career? 
Yes, I am. And yes, I have. I’d like to think we’ve moved passed the stigma of what it means to show off your body on a large, public platform, but that is simply not the case. I’m very aware that not every person or company is going to align with my personal mission in life: be the person I needed to be as a teen. I cannot stress enough — publicly talking about my story, life, and body has been incredibly rewarding and has pushed me to be creative, empathetic, and inclusive in my professional career. So, yes. I am naked on the internet in the name of art, body inclusion, representation, and self-love — and that has made me a stronger person and better professional. 

Why is sex education and pleasure a major part of your brand? 
Sex and sexuality often gets associated with an unprofessional label; especially when directed towards pleasure. I was very lucky in my early twenties to work in the sex industry as an educator for retail stores, universities, and small conferences; and every experience as a thought-leader in the space has shown me that being open about sex and sex culture allows for better communication and confidence. Being a sex writer and educator bleeds into all my other work as I now have a better understanding of interpersonal relationships and how desire plays a role in our everyday reactions. The world of sex is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Is someone wanted to reach out to work with you, how would they do it?
Please email me at