How One Woman Is Changing Plus Size Visibilty: Take a walk down a billboard-filled street, pick up a magazine, turn on the TV, or watch a movie, and witness one of the most elaborate vanishing acts of all time: In the United States, 67% of women wear a size 14 and above, but these women make up less than 2% of the images we see in media. And when they are seen, it’s rarely a fair portrait β€” they're almost never portrayed as sexy.

67% Project: Meet the invisible majority. Most American women are plus-size, but they make up less than 2% of the images we see. We want to change that.

Magazines love to advise re: what a given woman can & can't wear. In particular, they ask us to assess our shape & dress accordingly. In this video, 5 women speak personally to the impact of this media trend--and decide, finally, to "fuck the fashion rules" and just have fun. 

Roz Mays and R29er Laura Delarato discuss what makes a good gym top, sports bras, plus size athleticism, and representation in the fitness community.