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Blink Fitness ResolutionHappy

Laura is a Blink Fitness 2018 model for body diversity and plus-size representation in the wellness space.

2018; New York

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Laura created a Confidence 101 Toolkit for the students of the Brooklyn chapter of Fusion Academy.

2017; New York

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Project Heal / Straightcurve

Laura was a ProjectHeal x StraightCurve Film panel moderator in Los Angeles in dedication to body representation, wellness, and plus-size advocacy.

2018; Los Angeles

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Laura was a featured panelist on the BODY WORK event held by Body Politics as a speaker on body image, eating disorder recovery, and wellness.

2018; New York

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Brooklyn Sex Expo

Laura created a workshop titled Big, Fat, Hot Sex for the Brooklyn Sex Expo; seen in the 2016, 2017 programming alongside The Pleasure Chest workshops.

2016/2017; New York

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The Comments Project

The Comments Project is a social-media based art piece where Laura creates collage images of the messages she receives online on top of her body to bring awareness to problematic online messaging and silent harassment of plus-size bodies.